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Addiction Outreach


Who we are

Servicing the community for more than 20 years, Addiction Outreach Program (AOP) is a private non-profit organization which provides Intensive outpatient therapeutic and practical services for individuals suffering from drugs, alcohol and gambling addictions. AOP intensive outpatient Clinic is geared for men and women 15 and over who wish to stop using drugs, alcohol, or gambling but are unable to do so without help. Even though these individuals are motivated functioning (or were functioning until recently) and highly intelligent, they are unable to stop their self destructive behaviors. AOP proposes a dynamic therapy which takes into account the specific needs and reality of this type of individuals, by offering a 3 to 6 month intensive outpatient program followed by an aftercare period during which the individual reintegrates gradually into society. Unlike the individuals who enter inpatient residential facilities where they are isolated from reality, AOP intensive outpatient program empowers the individual to face reality on a day to day basis.

our services

A wide range of services are provided by certified professional counselors in order to meet the specific needs of each individual;
  • Prevention and education sessions
  • Crisis intervention
  • Assessment and psychosocial follow-up
  • Group and family therapies
  • Case management
  • Relapse prevention coaching, anger management, self-esteem workshops, etc.
  • Administrative, legal, housing, employment or studies assistance, etc.
  • Case management

Other more specific services are also offered on request.

To best accommodate our clients’ schedule, our activities run both throughout the day and evening. We regularly collaborate with different community, public or institutional organizations in order to maximize the services we offer.

Our mission

AOP's mission is to deliver a comprehensive range of effective and professional addiction services to individuals, families, businesses and communities in order to help solve psychological, financial, family, medical or legal addiction related problems. Addiction Outreach recognizes the dignity and selfworth of individuals and adopts a flexible, personalized approach ranging from harm reduction to abstinence.

Our programme

Our program consists of three phases

  • Thinking
  • Deciding
  • Taking action

Each phase is geared to address problems or issues that may occur at different stages of recovery.


AOP is a private non-profit organization and the fees are calculated depending on the income of each applicant, fees are calculated according to a sliding scale structure.


Tax receipts are also issued.